15 Best Places to Visit in North Yorkshire (England)

As England’s largest county, North Yorkshire has a dizzying array of towns and natural environments, from barely-charted cave systems to sweeping sandy beaches, and from stately spa towns to remote upland hamlets.

To say there’s something for everyone in North Yorkshire doesn’t begin to sum it up.

Still, anybody coming to this neck of the woods should be directed to York, which is ancient and beautiful, as well as the Victorian resorts on the coast like Scarborough and Saltburn, which possess a dignity and elegance you don’t often see in English coastal towns.

For nature there are two massive national parks, while history abounds in the shape of haunting abbeys, heritage steam railways and Norman castles.

Lets explore the best places to visit in North Yorkshire:

1. York

York, England

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York, England

When it comes to heritage, historical appeal and plain good looks, York is practically unmatched in England.

The city can be traced back to the 1st century, and during medieval times was England’s second city after London.

York was held in such high esteem by the Georgians it was safeguarded from the chimneystacks of the Industrial Revolution.

And so you’re left with an unspoiled warren of cobblestone streets, corbelled timber houses and 18th-century flat-fronted townhouses.

York Minster is one of Northern Europe’s largest gothic cathedrals and an enduring masterwork of medieval art.

When the railways arrived in York the city became an integral transport hub between London and Edinburgh, and you can dip into this history at the peerless National Railway Museum.

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15 Best Places to Visit in North Yorkshire (England):

York, England