15 Best Places to Visit in New South Wales (Australia)

New South Wales is Australia’s most populated state, and home to its largest city, Sydney. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of NSW, or even Australia, might be the iconic Sydney Opera House, but there’s plenty more urban and regional delights on offer for tourists to NSW to enjoy.

From relaxing and sipping tea in the Chinese Gardens, going over your luggage limit shopping at the Paddington Markets, enjoying the stunning vistas of the Blue Mountains, to chatting with the cheerful hippies at Byron Bay, you’re bound to make many fond memories and meet many interesting people in your travels around the state.

Lets explore the best places to visit in New South Wales:

1. Byron Bay


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Byron Bay is a true Australian icon: this lovely little town was a major hippie & alternative centre in the 60s, and the culture still leaves its mark (you’ll even still see hippies milling around!) It’s become a popular spot with tourists from Sydney and further afield to take a relaxing break with their families, and to enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the town.

There’s a gorgeous beach and adorably quirky boutique shopping.

You can also visit Australia’s most powerful lighthouse, which is still active and is great for a postcard-perfect view of the town (and for a lighthouse selfie!)

You can also take a quick detour to Tropical Fruit World, where you can try all sorts of exotic delights and bush-tucker fruits.

Finger limes are particularly delicious, as are black sapotes (popularly known as the chocolate pudding fruit!)

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15 Best Places to Visit in New South Wales (Australia):

Port Stephens