15 Best Places to Visit in Mozambique

2. Maputo

Casa do Ferro

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Casa do Ferro

Mozambique’s handsome capital is a lesson in all things colonial. It was raised to the place of first city after the Portuguese drained the surrounding swampland.

Then it was just a case of building the grand, imperial likes of the railway station, the pretty Casa do Ferro (courtesy of one Gustav Eiffel no less!) and rings of wide boulevards peppered with palm trees a la the Algarve – bingo you’ve got yourself a small enclave of Europe in Africa! However, Maputo has long been reclaimed by the locals here, and today the town is known for its enthralling bazaars that pulse with chatter and burst with East African batik, its raucous hip hop bars, and that mouthwatering fusion of Keralan and Arabic foods in the eateries!

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