15 Best Places to Visit in Iran

7. Tabriz

Blue Mosque

Source: flickr

Blue Mosque

With a history of more than 4,500 years, there’s evidence to show that Tabriz is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the entire world.

That deep past now reveals itself in the layers of architectural majesty the place is known for, at spots like the colossal Blue Mosque of 1465, which comes gutted with shimmering ceramics of a deep cobalt blue.

Another real must see is the sprawling Bazaar of Tabriz, which is known as one of the great trading outposts of the old Silk Road.

Today, the vaulted ceilings and alcoves of this ancient merchant centre still burst with shimmering gold jewellery and blood-red carpets, sweet-smelling Turkic pastries and oodles of spice from the east.

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