15 Best Places to Visit in Iran

5. Yazd

Amir Chakhmakh, Yazd

Source: flickr

Amir Chakhmakh, Yazd

The adobe warren of the Yazd old town is like something out of Arabian Nights.

Here and there, turrets gilded in intricate geometric designs loft above the mosque domes; the scents of incense and mint tea twist and turn from the cafes.

Meanwhile, the middle of the city is dominated by mysterious Zoroastrian fire temples and the spiked minarets of the Shia hussainia that is the Amir Chakhmakh complex.

And then there are the souks, where dust devils twirl between the cotton and silk emporiums, and shisha pipes puff in the background.

Yep, it’s precisely the sort of place you’d expect to trace the footsteps of one Marco Polo!

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