10 Best Places to Visit in East Yorkshire (England)

2. Beverley


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Historic and just wonderful to behold, East Yorkshire’s county town is the kind of place first-time visitors fall in love with.

The pinnacle is of course the 13th-century Beverley Minster, an outstanding example of medieval workmanship on a  large scale, bigger even than many cathedrals.

There’s a strong feeling of community here too, with people coming together to organise the annual folk festival in June, as well as beer and food festivals, the famous annual fair, Christmas market and a whole lot more.

And try to be in town on Wednesdays or Saturdays for regular the market which remains a staple of local life.

While there you could take a peek at the North Bar, a brick-built gate from the 1400s and the only surviving fragment of the town walls.

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