10 Best Places to Visit in East Yorkshire (England)

For just a small county on the North Sea, East Yorkshire changes dramatically as you travel through.

In the south is reclaimed moorland, criss-crossed by historic canals that helped to get coal to the docks at Goole and Hull for export.

Here on the Humber estuary there’s all the activity that comes with prospering industry.

But as soon as you go inland you arrive at a softer landscape of smooth green hills and sweet villages, which is known as the Wolds.

Idle around historic market towns or make for the coast where there’s seaside fun for kids and powerful cliffs in the north around Flamborough.

Lets explore the best places to visit in East Yorkshire:

1. Hull

Hull Marina

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Hull Marina

Hull has been a port since at least the 1100s, and in the last 10 years or so has become one of England’s trendiest towns.

It’s still a major port, but since the decline of England’s fishing industry Hull has evolved into a centre for the arts as well.

There are some really happening areas to investigate, particularly around the old merchants’ warehouses in the Trinity Quarter.

This whole neighbourhood has been thoroughly transformed and now has cafes, stylish boutiques and lots of other great stuff to reward an inquisitive visitor.

There’s also an enormous amount of museum and attractions in Hull.

We’ll name the Maritime Museum, Streetlife Museum of Transport, the Deep (a  first-rate aquarium) and the Ferens Art Gallery, which hosted the Turner Prize in 2016. But that’s just for starters!

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10 Best Places to Visit in East Yorkshire (England):