15 Best Places to Visit in County Durham (England)

The City of Durham is one of those magical places that outdoes itself at every turn, and merits the trip to this county by itself.

After seeing every historic site and seeing the tomb of Venerable Bede and the treasure of St Cuthbert, you’ll be wiser about England’s mysterious years before the Normans came.

Two long Rivers wend their way eastwards through County Durham: The Tees and Wear form tranquil valleys edged by moorland and hills.

These regions are known as the Durham Dales and harbour many of the county’s most charming historic towns, as well as majestic countryside that will have you itching to get outdoors.

For unfettered wilderness, strike out into western County Durham where the  environment is protected by the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Lets explore the best places in County Durham:

1. Durham

Durham, England

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Durham, England

With twisting cobblestone streets and volumes of history it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the extraordinary City of Durham.

You may find yourself extending your stay just to make sure you make every discovery, because there’s an incredible amount to get through.

Start with the cathedral, up there with England’s most valued monuments and overflowing with vital fragments of early English history in its library and treasury.

The other pillar of Durham’s World Heritage Site is the castle, erected right after the Norman Conquest and with student volunteers from Durham University giving informative tours.

Dawdle along the riverside, browse the fabulous museums and get out to the wonderful North Sea coast.

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15 Best Places to Visit in County Durham (England):

Bowes Museum