15 Best Places to Visit in Chile

3. Torres Del Paine

Torres Del Paine

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Torres Del Paine

You really can’t miss the granite pillars of Torres del Pain, or the Tower of Paine.  They rise more than 2000m over the Patagonian steppe and dominate what is possibly the most majestic national park in all of South America.  Though long exploited before it became a national park, there is still a ton of “wow” to be seen here. Everyone will love the trails that take you through lush forests, rickety bridges over rushing rivers, and a giant and vibrant blue glacier. A designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for almost 40 years, you’ll find Andean condors, flamingo, rhea, and more. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a peek at the guanaco, the puma, and the endangered huemul. If you’re looking for a great camping experience, try the “W” hike that allows you to sleep in beds and get warm meals all along the way.

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