15 Best Places to Visit in Cheshire (England)

When Liverpool and Manchester’s high-earners seek country residences they usually look south to the county of Cheshire.

So there’s a curious diversity to the county, as earthy industrial towns can be set a few miles from gentrified rural villages with posh restaurants and boutiques.

In the west, almost on the border with Wales is Chester, a heritage city of uncommon beauty and teeming with history going back to the Romans.

And east are the moors of the Peak District, one of England’s most prized expanses of wilderness, and a hiker’s heaven.

In the countryside in between are Tudor halls and Georgian stately homes that are almost always open to the public.

Lets explore the best places to visit in Cheshire:

1. Chester

Chester Cathedral

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Chester Cathedral

Cheshire’s county town is as gorgeous as it is fascinating, and has enough heritage to last for more than a weekend break.

To get a sense of Chester’s Roman castrum layout you can walk along the city walls, which, although they’ve been bolstered over time, have pretty much the same format as they did 2,000 years ago.

Within the walls are medieval streets with black and white timber-framed buildings that crane over the cobblestones from five storeys up.

You have to call in at the cathedral and see the wondrous medieval covered walkways at Chester Rows.

Even now we’ve hardly made a dent on all the intriguing things to see and do in this outstanding city.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Cheshire (England):

Little Moreton Hall