15 Best Places to Visit in Bhutan

Bhutan is the original land of smiles (sorry Thailand!). With a national manifesto that’s based on cumulative, community happiness and cohesion, the country has only recently stepped out of the shadows. And while it can still be difficult to get visas and permits to travel here, the treasures that await really do make the admin worth all the bother.

In the east, soaring villages hide between the clouds and the mighty peaks of the Himalaya. In the west, towns dress the valley bottoms with whitewashed dzongs (traditional Bhutanese fortress-monasteries). Meanwhile, totemic Buddhist relics and revered sites of ancient gurus can be found in the hills, high-perched monasteries cascade from the summits, and there are trekking trails so wonderful you’ll hardly believe they’re real. So, no matter if you’re a culture vulture, a history lover, or just a budding adventurer pining for one of the world’s less trodden corners, you can rest assured that beautiful Bhutan has you covered!

Lets explore the best places to visit in Bhutan:

1. Taktsang

Tiger's Nest of the Paro Valley.

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Tiger’s Nest of the Paro Valley.

Cut straight into the vertical rises of the Bhutanese mountains just north out of the charming town of Paro, the breathtaking rooms of the Taktsang monastery are perhaps the most-photographed and legendary in the entire Himalayas.

First constructed in the late 17th century, the site marks the fabled spot where Guru Padmasambhava is said to have meditated for three whole years.

Today, the revered Guru is hailed as Bhutan’s patron, and the figure who brought Buddhism to the nation.

Visitors come and explore this fascinating story between the precariously-perched cloisters and golden-topped prayer rooms of Taktsang: the awesome so-called Tiger’s Nest of the Paro Valley.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Bhutan:

Trongsa Dzong