15 Best Places to Live in Oklahoma

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Known for its Great Plains, rolling hills, lakes and expansive forest the midwestern state of Oklahoma is home to 3.9 million people.

Tourists will be keen to visit the National Cowboy Museums and the Western Heritage Museum but locals prefer heading out to support the Sooners play American Football at the OU Memorial Stadium in their spare time.

Although the Midwest may not be the first port of call for those seeking a new home in the United States of America, Oklahoma is surely worthy of consideration.

Oklahoma is far from being the most affluent state, median household income in Oklahoma is a little below the national average of $53,889. Money is no real issue here in Oklahoma, although the economy seldom experiences periods of the boom there is a steady and secure income from farming, logistics, and energy.

Whenever we start looking for a new place to live, whether or not the house has bay windows or a greenhouse in the garden is futile. Its factors like proximity to good public schools and commuter routes, affordability of housing and crime rates are our real deciding factors.

To make the process of narrowing down your options a little easier we have created a list of the 15 best places to live in Oklahoma, let’s get started;

1. Edmond

EdmondSource: Manuel Hurtado / shutterstock

Getting a solid A+ rating on niche.com is the suburb of Oklahoma City going by the name of Edmond. Home to 86,739 people this is more of a small town than a suburb!

In terms of affordability is gets little better than Edmond (although it might…do read on!). House prices average at $199,600, and you get a lot of house for your money.

Take a property on Rocky Point Drive, for example, costing $144,900. Not only do you gain 3-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms but a spacious garden and long private driveway too.

Edmond is home to Oklahoma’s best schooling district and with parents here earning $71,974 this is an area home to hard working middle-class Americans; creating a suitably diverse group of residents.

2. Jenks

Jenks, OklahomaSource: jenkschamber.com

Jenks is super close to Tulsa’s Airport, known as Richard Lloyd Jones Jr Airport, providing great options for those who have to commute across the state on occasions.

Being a suburb of Tulsa there are ample job opportunities here and there is a strong community feel to the area.

With 27% of residents being of school age there are a great number of families who play their part in the community for the sake of the children creating countless opportunities to socialise and get to know one another.

Jenks is a little more affluent than Edmond but house prices still average well under $200,000, so this is by no means an exclusive area. Rent here is pretty steep at $1,098 but given the high paying jobs on offer in Tulsa, this too is fairly reasonable.

3. Bixby

Bixby, oklahomaSource: Nothing Signified / Flickr

Coming in a competitive third place is Bixby, another lovely suburb of Tulsa, home to 23,171 people. Local people love that this is a quiet neighbourhood within easy reach of shopping centers and megastores.

They say that Bixby is a quintessentially Oklahoman town filled with friendly people and lots of outdoor activities that keep everyone active and healthy.

Parents will be delighted to hear that there is a range of excellent schools on offer in Bixby from high school right down to elementary level and nursery too.

Compared to Jenks, Bixby’s house prices are a little elevated at $192,400 on average but in all honesty, they are very similar areas. All you have to do is find a house that feels right to you in either area!

4. Nichols Hills

Nichols HillsSource: Popsiclecrawfish / Wikimedia
Nichols Hills

Nichols Hills is a much smaller, cosier suburb of Oklahoma City, home to just 3,800 people. This is an incredibly safe area to live and local people say that this level of security adds to the happiness in living here.

In terms of buying property, Nichols Hills is rather pricey but renting here is a viable option for many.

With median rent lying at $977 a month this is affordable for most inner-city office workers who are cohabiting, for sure. Given that the average annual income is $123,542, spending $11,724 a year on rent is actually quite an achievable feat.

This is not the best schooling district in Oklahoma but by no means the worst either. Places at schools like Classes School of Advanced Studies are highly sought after, just so you parents know.

5. Stillwater

Oklahoma State University, StillwaterSource: Ken Wolter / shutterstock
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Stillwater is a small town in Oklahoma in Payne County that lies at the intersection of Route 177 and Highway 51. These routes connect residents to Tulsa and Ponca City in under an hour.

Although a little far out from Oklahoma City, for some Stillwater has great value for money that would make many potential buyers forget all about it’s less than ideal location. Being home to 47,523 people Stillwater is a thriving town with all the amenities and facilities you could wish for; be sure to stop by Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurant to mingle with the locals!

Home value here is around $152,100 and monthly rent is as low as $743. For tenants who can work from home, Stillwater makes for a great home base while seeking property to invest in yourself.

6. Norman

Norman, OklahomaSource: Ken Wolter / shutterstock

Lying just west of the Lake Thunderbird State Park, the neighbourhood of Norman is another suburb of Oklahoma City to feature in our top 15 places to live in Oklahoma.

There are 117,353 people who live here so there certainly is a suburban feel to the area. Despite the large population of residents, there is a friendly vibe to the area.

With there being such a diverse range of people living here there are tonnes of opportunities to socialise, get active and learn new skills.

Median rent here is super affordable too, making Norman one of the most affordable suburbs for tenants in Oklahoma City. For $788 a month you have a wide choice of properties available to you for 44% of residents live in rented accommodation.

7. Owasso

OwassoSource: thefixer / Wikimedia

Heading back in the direction of Tulsa we find the suburb of Owasso. Home to 32,650 people, Owasso is another suburb that is consisted to be its own town by those who live there.

House prices here are fantastically low, at $151,200 this is $20k less than the national average.

This is an area popular with young families for there are 46 schools in the Owassa district.

Locals are keen to meet newcomers at the Gathering on Main during the autumn months so be sure to make an appearance.

This close-knit community has created a really safe and secure atmosphere where crime seldom occurs.

8. Broken Arrow

Broken ArrowSource: Jordanmac / Wikimedia
Broken Arrow

There is nothing broken about Broken Arrow. Lying southeast of Tulsa this town, on paper, falls under the jurisdiction of Tulsa; being home to over 100,000 people it would be considered a large city in other parts of the world!

Broken Arrow is situated just north of Leonard so if that area was appealing but the house prices were a little too dear then we’re sure you’ll find home value here far more agreeable. At an average of $155,600, low earners can live comfortably here.

Broken Arrow is a great place to raise a family, with the excitement of Tulsa city a short drive away and 46 public schools to choose from, children here grow up happy.

9. Bartlesville

BartlesvilleSource: www.bartlesville.com

The town of Bartlesville can be found south of Copan Lake and north of Tulsa City. Home to 36,360 people the only thing lacking here is access to outdoor activities. That said, should you be willing to take a drive up to Copan Lake there are a number of pleasant hiking trails around there.

Median rent here is incredibly low at just $687, again, a great place should you be a remote worker who is renting to save to get on the property ladder.

Locals say that Bartlesville is growing and developing, showing a lot of promise, Perhaps if we check back in a few years this small town in Oklahoma will be higher up the ranks.

10. Forest Park

Forest ParkSource: sevenMaps7 / shutterstock
Forest Park

Forest Park is one of the more endearing and quiet suburbs of Oklahoma City. With a resident population of just over 1,000 people, some may say that Forest Park is like a city-village.

Home value here is a little steeper than, say, Broken Arrow, but still very much affordable for the average working family. At $184,200, not only do you have access to all that comes with a major city in terms of entertainment and socialising but also great value for money in property.

For $195,700 in Forest Park, you can invest in a grand 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom family home what would beg upwards of $1m in other parts of the country. Get buying ASAP:)

11. Oklahoma City

Oklahoma CitySource: Henryk Sadura / shutterstock
Oklahoma City

Now is the time to quit skirting around in the suburbs and delve right into Oklahoma City. This buzzing city hub is home to 610,672 people making for a thriving and diverse group of residents.

It goes without saying that nightlife here in Oklahoma City is great, with plenty of opportunities to attend trendy fitness classes and eat at startup hipster cafes too.

Naturally, the closer you get to the CBD the more pricey property gets but on average a home in Oklahoma City will fetch just $138,600. For a major American city, this is fantastically affordable. Median rent too is very low at $778, meaning Oklahoma City is becoming a hotspot for millennials.

12. Fort Gibson

Fort Gibson, OklahomaSource: RaksyBH / shutterstock
Fort Gibson

Out in the sticks, or rather the Great Plains is the small township of Fort Gibson in Muskogee County.

With the Arkansas River creating a meandering town border there is a lot to explore from a base in Fort Gibson; fishing, unsurprisingly, is a popular past time.

Just 4,121 people live here and they surely got some of the best deals on houses in all of Oklahoma. Even now, house prices are something of a steal. For $69,000 you can buy a quaint 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom detached family home complete with spacious back and front yards.

With such a small residential population, crime here is nearly non-existent, which is always a good thing.

13. Goldsby

GoldsbySource: li_la_laika / Flickr

In terms of cost of living and diversity of residents Goldsby is very similar to Fort Gibson, just 163 miles away! Goldsby is very close to Oklahoma City, lying 24 miles south of the city centre, but it falls within McClain County.

Although rent here is just $814 on average per month, 91% of residents live in owned homes.

With only 1,982 people living here it’s safe to assume that once people come accustomed to the way the community functions they don’t want to leave and buy up as soon as they can.

There is rural feel to Goldsby despite it being transected by Route 35 running up to Oklahoma City.

14. The Village

The VillageSource: sevenMaps7 / shutterstock
The Village

What a great name for a place! Simply known as The Village, the suburb of Oklahoma City is home to 9,223 people. Safe and affordable, there is little to find fault with in The Village. This is an area filled with middle-income Americans who earn around $50,000 a year.

Thanks to the great affordability of housing this is becoming a popular area for millennials to invest in their first home. We can anticipate that The Village will feature higher up the ranks in the next decade or so for millennials tend to bring with them an openness for development and growth.

With 20 schools in The Village, this is an area

Ada, OklahomaSource: Small Town OK / Flickr

ready and waiting for families to move in.

15. Ada

We conclude our list of 15 best places to live in Oklahoma with the Pontotoc County township of Ada. Home to 17,149 people, this is one of the cheapest areas to buy a home in all of Oklahoma, the home value here is at a median of $94,100! Where do we sign up?! Rent too is exceptionally low, averaging $626 a month.

Local people say how they love the small town vibe here in Ada and that the local restaurants are at the heart of the community. There is a lot of culture to explore in this small town and with parks a plenty families who like to get outdoors and explore would simply fall in love with Ada.


15 Best Places to Live in Oklahoma:

  • Edmond
  • Jenks
  • Bixby
  • Nichols Hills
  • Stillwater
  • Norman
  • Owasso
  • Broken Arrow
  • Bartlesville
  • Forest Park
  • Oklahoma City
  • Fort Gibson
  • Goldsby
  • The Village
  • Ada