15 Best Places to Live in Kentucky

What springs to mind when you hear the word Kentucky? Fried chicken? Derby? There is so much to enjoy about living in the versatile and varied American State. Unlike many states, Kentucky is not perfectly square or rectangular. We’re on to useless facts now!

Although in the south of the USA, Kentucky is not as arid and barren as you would expect. The Ohio River has been providing the land with nourishment for centuries and with the Appalachian Mountains to the East, this makes for a picturesque geographic combination.

Whenever we start to look for a new place to live there are criteria that we all have to tick off, whether you’ve realised it yet or not, you’re pickier than you think. Factors like cost of living, access to medical facilities and commuter routes are all things we take into consideration when seeking a new abode. Of course, there are more factors than this; parents look for access to good public schools and we all judge a place by its crime statistics. 

We’ll admit finding all this information in one easily digestible chunk can be pretty laborious.

Here is our list of 15 best places to live in Kentucky.

1. Anchorage

Anchorage, KentuckySource: jimmywayne / Flickr

Who’d have thought that the humble suburb of Anchorage would be the best place to live in Kentucky. Home to just 2,172 people, 
this area is one of the more affluent neighbourhoods in all of Kentucky. With the average household here bringing home $160,000, the hefty average house price of $618,200 is by no means an issue.

Tenants may be put off the $1,895 median rent value and with 91% of residents living in owned homes, rental properties seldom make an appearance on the market.

Anchorage has some of the lowest crime rates in all of Kentucky meaning this is a popular spot for higher-income families to raise their children, the schools are pretty outstanding too.

2. Indian Hills

Indian Hills, KentuckySource: www.panoramio.com
Indian Hills

Coming in second place is another suburb of Louisville in Jefferson County, in the form of Indian Hills. This is another small but affluent neighbourhood home to 2,930 people.

With median house prices at $462,200, this is an exclusive area. Sadly for the average Kentucky family earning $43,000 a year, as is the statewide median, living in Indian Hills is an aspirational feat.

Despite its small nature, there are 40 incredible public schools in this district and with 42% of residents holding a Master’s degree or higher these are the kinds of people you want your little ones to be growing up around.

As in Anchorage, crime in Indian Hills is near nonexistent, one resident noted that there has only been one break-in in the last 25 years.

3. Cherokee Gardens

Cherokee GardensSource: www.louisvillehomesblog.com
Cherokee Gardens

With a more urban feel than Indian Hills and Anchorage, we find, in third place, Cherokee Gardens, another suburb of Louisville. This small neighbourhood is considered to be the best neighbourhood to live in in the Louisville area according to niche.com, in turn being the best to raise a family and the safest too. What’s to complain about?!

Really very little, house prices are on par with our list to date, falling at $507,418 but unlike Indian Hills and Anchorage, there are more properties that come in under the median than above. For example, a more realistic investment of $389,900 would see you move into a charming cottage-like 3-bedroom family home with great garden space.

4. Hurstbourne Acres

Hurstbourne Acres, KentuckySource: www.hurstbourneacres.org
Hurstbourne Acres

Although the Kentucky State capital is Frankfort, it seems that Louisville is where the action is at. Hurstbourne Acres is yet another suburb of Louisville and our smallest community yet, comprised of just 1,799 people.

You’ll be surprised to hear that an incredible 84% of people here live in rented properties and with median monthly rent falling well below the national average at $898, who can blame them. That said, home value is reasonable too. At $188,100 Hurstbourne Acres is our most affordable place to live in Kentucky yet.

Although tiny, there are always a few good properties on the market but you’ll have to snap them up quickly!

 Being so affordable you’ll not be surprised to hear that this little pocket of Kentucky is a hotspot for millennials, who can blame them.

5. Fort Thomas

Fort Thomas, KentuckySource: www.courtyardproperties.net
Fort Thomas

Tucked away on the southern bank of the Ohio River is the mid-sized, homely town of Fort Thomas; this town is in fact classed as a suburb of Ohio’s Cincinnati.

With 16,326 people living here, we are back within the realms of the average hardworking American. Home value is a greatly affordable $192,700 and should you be prepared to invest in a more humble abode you could live here for $159,900.

Local people describe Fort Thomas as elegant; see you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to live somewhere charming. There are plenty of sidewalks and trails for dog walking and jogging and the community atmosphere is tangible.

6. Cherokee Seneca

Cherokee SenecaSource: LunchboxLarry / Flickr
Cherokee Seneca

As suburbs of Louisville go, Cherokee Seneca is certainly one of the more affordable and diverse. Diverse in terms of the population’s socioeconomic background and ethnicity as well as, on a more material level, the availability of houses too.

Most households here in Cherokee Seneca earn $97,600 annually making this a fairly respectable area. Crime rates are low and the access to public schooling is fantastic too. There are 43 schools in this district to which parents are ample satisfaction with the education their little ones have access to.

There are a lot of green spaces to enjoy around Cherokee Seneca, namely the Seneca Golf Course and Cherokee Park.

7. Union

Union, KentuckySource: sevenMaps7 / shutterstock

Union, according to locals, is a wonderful suburb for families to raise their kids. With plenty to do in a very safe environment, there is very little to find fault with in Union. 

Being a suburb of Cincinnati there are plenty of job opportunities in a variety of industries and infrastructure for commuters is pretty good. Home to 5,635 people, resident satisfaction here is high.

Median household income is $102,253 so those who live here live very comfortably. This affluence has created a safe and secure neighbourhood but not sent house prices through the roof. Considering the proximity to Cincinnati and the low crime rates, Union house prices are fair.

8. Highlands Douglass

Highlands Douglass, KentuckySource: highlandsdouglass.org
Highlands Douglass

The neighbouring neighbourhood to Cherokee Gardens is Highlands Douglass, home to 4,507 people. Again, it is hard to find any real fault in Highlands Douglass and there is certainly no real reason for it missing out on a top five spot.

With median rent coming in $100 less than the national average, there is a lot for tenants to love about Highlands Douglass; good availability of rental accommodation too.

This is an incredibly safe neighbourhood, perhaps due to the small number of residents or perhaps due to the high earning and diverse nature of those who live here. Median household income is $83,803.

Being a suburb of Louisville there are plenty of job opportunities here and there are all the services and amenities you would expect to find in a small town.

9. Gardiner Lane

Gardiner Lane, KentuckySource: www.redfin.com
Gardiner Lane

Gardiner Lane is a well-established suburb of Louisville, there is a sense of history about the place and an instant sense of belonging should you choose to move in. This is a quiet and safe little neighbourhood and with only 3,990 people living here, it’s almost like an urban village.

Considering Gardiner Lane’s proximity to Louisville, house prices are rather reasonable; in fact, Gardiner Lane is the best suburb of Louisville to buy property in according to niche.com. For $189,00 you can invest in a cottage-like, 2-bedroom family home within easy reach of good public schools and driving routes into the city for work.

Many residents who live here have dogs so newcomers are bound to find some furry friends in common!

10. Hurstbourne

Hurstbourne, KentuckySource: STONE8HENGE (talk) / Wikimedia

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky so it makes sense that its suburbs feature frequently on our list of best places to live in the state. Unlike many other suburban areas in the United States of America, Louisville has lots of small suburbs which have their own tight-knit communities, rather than being a subsection or overflow of the city itself.

It seems that the suburbs of Louisville are fairly affluent, this is a thriving city with a thriving workforce behind it. The average household income in Hurstbourne is $107,991 creating for a diverse group of 4,300 residents.

Be sure to check out Moby Dick Seafood on Shelbyville Road and the Gasthaus German Restaurant on Brownsboro Centre for some delicious food.

11. Crestwood

Crestwood, KentuckySource: EX22218 - ON/OFF / Flickr

This small town has a really homely and welcoming feel to it. Downtown Louisville is only a matter of minutes away so any entertainment facility to which Crestwood is lacking can be found within the city limits very easily.

This is a very quiet area and locals say that nightlife is near impossible to find, but again, with downtown Louisville a short drive away there is no real issue there.

Cost of living in Crestwood should be highlighted. A rented property costs an average of $735 a month, nearly $200 below the national average. Compared with Indian Hills Crestwood is far more affordable in terms of housing, costing on average $246,700 for a family home.

12. Crescent Hill

Crescent Hill, KentuckySource: Peter Dedina / shutterstock
Crescent Hill Reservoir

Across the Ohio River from Jeffersonville, to the southeast is Crescent Hill, home to 9,900 residents who dearly love their home here. With a good amount of nightlife on offer, there is something for everyone to enjoy here, unlike in Crestwood where you had to trek to find a beer!

As neighbourhoods go, Crescent Hill is on par with the rest of the United States in so many ways. Crime levels are low bar a few incidences of theft which get dealt with quickly and efficiently by local cops.

The median household income is just above the national average at $62,301 making this bunch of residents your run of the hill, salt of the earth American families.

Value for money can be found in properties in Crescent Hill; for an investment of $300,000, you could move into a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom family home, that has a quaint feel to it on Lotis Way.

13. Deer Park

Deer Park, KentuckySource: Nyttend / Wikimedia
Deer Park

Another small and cosy neighbourhood near Cherokee Park and Seneca Gardens is Deer Park. This little town is home to 5,200 people and is considered to be a suburb of Louisville.

Property prices here are on par with Crescent Hill at an average of $232,670. Should you be prepared to haggle you can invest in a pretty perfect family home for $214,000 and under.

Being such a small area and with residents happy with their lives here, the lower value properties seldom come on the market so you’ll have to be active in your research if Deer Park is for you.

This is a good public school district and with only 9% of those who live here being of school age, the teacher to student ratios are idealistically low.

14. Wilmore

Wilmore, KentuckySource: RichardBowen / Flickr

The little town of Wilmore can be found 30-minutes south-west of Lexington in Jessamine County. Being out of the city limits property prices here are some of the lowest in the State but the high Kentucky quality of build still applies. The home value here is $144,200 on average meaning it is a really accessible area and a great place to buy your first home.

Being a small town, crime is naturally low and the people here really look out for one another. Local people say that living in Wilmore is great for families and although there is a town feel to the neighbourhood being so close to farmland and fields gives the place just the right about of rural appeal.

15. Belknap

Belknap, KentuckySource: Bill Alden / Flickr

Seeing as suburbs of Louisville have capitalised our list it seems only fair that we should conclude with another. Belknap is one of the larger suburbs of Louisville, home to 7,000 people.

House prices here on average are on par with Deer Park at $224,654 but in reality, you’ll seldom get change from $400,000. Those sitting in properties at the lower end of the price scale aren’t looking to go anywhere!

Locals say there is a good community feel in the area with lots of restaurants and entertainment on offer to keep everyone happy and together.

 There are 40 public schools in this district so parents have a lot of choices. Due to the number of children in the area, there is a good range of extra-curricular activities on offer too.


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15 Best Places to Live in Kentucky:

  • Anchorage
  • Indian Hills
  • Cherokee Gardens
  • Hurstbourne Acres
  • Fort Thomas
  • Cherokee Seneca
  • Union
  • Highlands Douglass
  • Gardiner Lane
  • Hurstbourne
  • Crestwood
  • Crescent Hill
  • Deer Park
  • Wilmore
  • Belknap