15 Best Lakes in North Carolina

North Carolina is overflowing with wonderful lakes to visit! From the stunning Appalachian Mountains to the west, extending all the way to the Atlantic Ocean on the east, there is going to be something for everyone on this list. Fishing and waterskiing are both popular activities in North Carolina so be sure to pack your summer skis and fishing rod!

Lets have a look at the best lakes to visit in North Carolina:

1. Lake Norman

Lake Norman

Lake Norman is the largest manmade body of fresh water in the state. With either boat access points and plentiful fishing, this lake is an angler’s dream. It also boasts two yacht clubs for you to store your boat at.

Despite having been created in 1964, the lake has attracted a variety of species over the years and makes for great bird watching and animal sightings from the water. Be sure to keep you eyes peeled for anything rustling in the bushes along the water’s edge!

Just a quick drive north of Charlotte, this is a great spot to spend a day or weekend if you are visiting!

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15 Best Lakes in North Carolina:

Lake Norman