15 Best Lakes in Michigan

At the top of our list are the four Great Lakes the create a majority of Michigan’s border. These massive lakes are have hundreds of great beach towns lining their shores. Also making the list are a variety of inland lakes that might be smaller in size, but pack a mighty punch. With something for everyone on this list, be sure to visit any of Michigan’s wonderful lakes this summer!

Lets have a look at the best lakes in Michigan:

1. Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

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Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan on the Michigan side is known for its splendid beaches and family fun activities. The West Michigan Pike connects all of these wonderful towns on one string of road. Be sure to stop at all of the craft beer breweries or wineries along the way!

Lake Michigan is the second largest great lake and offers fishing, boating, sailing, and a whole host of other activities. One might even think that you are on an ocean rather than a lake.

Lake Michigan also has a rich history that played a key role in the development of the area, be sure to read up on it before you visit!

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15 Best Lakes in Michigan: