15 Best Lakes in Indiana

The 38th largest state, Indiana is located in Midwestern USA and has a total area of over 94,000 square kilometres. It is part of the Great Lakes Region, with its northwest border sitting along Lake Michigan.

Indiana is home to rolling hills, lowlands and sand dunes, with its average altitude being 230 metres above sea level. The Wabash River dissects the state, while the White River zigzags through it. Indiana is also home to numerous state parks, lakes and man-made reservoirs. These are the 15 Best Lakes in Indiana.

1. Tippecanoe Lake

Tippecanoe Lake

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Tippecanoe Lake

This large glacial lake is located in north-central Indiana, just over three kilometres west of the town of North Webster. It is the deepest natural lake in the state, having a depth of 37 metres, making it an extremely popular recreational spot.

Boating, fishing and water skiing are popular things to do at Tippecanoe Lake. In addition to having three marinas, the lake’s shoreline also features a country club, a golf course, a resort and mineral springs. It is also surrounded by expensive residential properties.

There are a number of public access points to the lake that have boat ramps, as well as a couple of private ones. Restaurants, bars and boat service centres are also found around the lake, as is a beach that offers swimming.

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15 Best Lakes in Indiana:

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