15 Best Cagliari Tours

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Cagliari is a municipality of about 150,000 residents located along the south-central coast of the Italian island of Sardinia.

Cagliari’s Mediterranean climate and abundant beaches draw sun-lovers from all over the world, and it also sports an abundance of historical and cultural attractions.

It’s also considered one of Italy’s greenest cities and features more urban parks and green spaces per capita than just about anywhere else in the country.

For those arriving by air, the airport is just a few miles from the city center, making Cagliari an excellent option for quick, spur-of-the-moment trips from the mainland.

Below are 15 of the best tours of Cagliari.

1. 2 ½-Hour Segway Tour

Segway TourSource: Novikov Aleksey / shutterstock
Segway Tour

According to previous tour guests, gliding over Cagliari’s winding streets and past ancient Roman-era amphitheaters and medieval towers on a Segway is a memorable experience that’s convenient, safe, and surprisingly affordable.

For those who’ve never ridden one, Segways are eco-friendly, gravity-defying two-wheeled devices that allow riders to experience the great outdoors without working up a sweat.

This two ½-hour tour option includes many of Cagliari’s most iconic attractions, like the 13th-century Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Bastion at San Remy, and the Elephant Tower.

Each tour participant gets all the necessary safety equipment and training before heading out to explore.

2. Welcome to Cagliari Private Tour with a Local

CagliariSource: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

Savvy travelers know that experiences are as much about people as they are about places, and this private tour combines elements of both like few others.

Most Italians are eager to share their culture with vacationers. On this tour, guests will be matched with an enthusiastic local guide intent on making each trip a memorable one.

After meeting your guide at your accommodation, guests will familiarize themselves with their immediate surroundings before heading out to explore the city.

Tours are personalized and customizable based on time and interests and generally range from between two and six hours.

3. Mountains and Sea Jeep and Dinghy Tour

Cannoneris Nature ReserveSource: Torruzzlo / shutterstock
Cannoneris Nature Reserve

For those intent on experiencing Cagliari’s wonders like Indiana Jones, this full-day mountain and sea combo tour would be a great fit.

It’s a whirlwind adventure featuring a bevy of hidden coves and rocky capes only accessible by small craft, and old-growth oak forests nestled against the sides of towering mountains.

The tour’s centerpiece is the Cannoneris Nature Reserve. This is one of the most diverse natural areas in the region, and one definitely worth checking out for active travelers looking to distance themselves from the masses.

Tours include a fresh seafood lunch at a beachside restaurant and are available in Italian, English, French, and Portuguese.

4. Su Nuraxi Barumini and Giara Half-Day Tour

Su Nuraxi BaruminiSource: Valery Rokhin / shutterstock
Su Nuraxi Barumini

Cagliari and Sardinia are known for their rugged natural beauty and abundant historic sites dating back thousands of years.

For those interested in experiencing both together and getting the most value for their hard-earned travel dollars, this half-day tour may be just the ticket.

Su Nuraxi di Barumini is one of Sardinia’s most significant Bronze Age archaeological sites and is recognized by UNESCO for its cultural and historical importance.

With their guide, guests will explore the area’s natural and humanmade attractions, and if time permits, enjoy a traditional Sardinian meal at a nearby restaurant – or a picnic in a wilderness area known for its wild horses.

5. Cheese-Making Workshop and Tour of Argiolas Formaggi

Argiolas FormaggiSource: facebook.com
Argiolas Formaggi

Many of Sardinia’s artisanal cheesemakers have been producing traditional products the old-fashioned way for generations.

This two-hour tour includes visits to a modern dairy processing facility that specializes in cheeses derived from the milk of sheep and goats, as opposed to cows.

Before entering the plant, guests will get protective wear like shirts and shoe covers, as well as headsets, from which they’ll learn about the things they’re seeing.

Then, along with an expert cheesemaker, everyone will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience at various stages along the production process.

A post-tour tasting includes a variety of fresh and aged local cheeses and wine.

6. Full-Day Private Wine Experience with Lunch

Sardinian wineriesSource: Alessio Orru / shutterstock
Sardinian wineries

Italy is one of the world’s wine meccas. Though it’s possible to experience the area’s wine, culture, and grape growing areas on half-day tours, full-day excursions are a much better fit for true aficionados.

This guided tour gets out into the country and visits two Sardinian wineries.

While on-site, guests will have the opportunity to tour the facilities and learn about how grapes are transformed into delectable and intoxicating spirits using traditional methods and modern equipment.

Tours also include the gorgeous southern Sardinia scenery, lunch at a traditional farm, and samples of a number of wines of different colors and flavor profiles.

7. Traditional Ravioli Cooking Class

RavioliSource: Alexander Raths / shutterstock

From spaghetti and linguini to rigatoni and ravioli, Italy has a nearly endless supply of distinct pasta types that are the highlights of most meals.

Unlike much of the pasta eaten in the rest of the world, Italians often eat pasta made fresh from scratch. On this hands-on tour, guests will have the chance to see how it’s done and get involved in the process from beginning to end.

Classes are conducted in the home of a local chef and foodie and enjoy ample discussion and cooking time, as well as a relaxed lunch, during which everyone will enjoy the fruits of their labor.

8. Canyoneering in Sardinia

Canyoneering in SardiniaSource: Andrew Mayovskyy / shutterstock
Canyoneering in Sardinia

Though it may sound intimidating to those who’ve never tried it, canyoneering isn’t necessarily an activity exclusively reserved for the young, fit, and fearless.

In fact, this eight-hour morning departure tour is generally appropriate for most travelers of moderate physical ability who are older than eight.

After heading into rugged southern Sardinia with their expert guide, guests will participate in a brief orientation.

Things start small as guests get acclimatized to traversing gradual slopes. Then the group will set out at a moderate pace to appreciate the region’s abundant natural beauty, including streams, granite cliffs, and panoramic wilderness views.

9. 2-Hour Sightseeing Bike Tour

Church of BonariaSource: Roman Babakin / shutterstock
Church of Bonaria

Small-group tours of just a few hours are becoming more and more popular with travelers who value unstructured exploration time as much as they do guided tours.

This two-hour sightseeing bicycle tour begins in the city’s Marina District with a scenic drive along the coast on a recently built bike path that keeps riders away from motorists.

Tours include several distinct neighborhoods and multiple historic attractions, like the Church of Bonaria and the Bastione di Saint Remy—one of Cagliari’s most well-known landmarks.

Tour size is limited to just eight guests, and kid’s seats are available upon request, making it appropriate for those traveling with young children.

10. 5-Hour Shore Excursion City Tour

San Benedetto MarketSource: Sabino Parente / shutterstock
San Benedetto Market

Offering multiple tours daily to fit the schedules of those with different arrivals and departures, this five-hour city shore excursion tour is a convenient and reasonably priced option for those working with limited time.

The tour explores many of Cagliari’s oldest neighborhoods, as well as the bustling San Benedetto Market, where many locals buy everything from produce and fresh meat to prepared food items like honey and olive oil.

Tours include both bus and walking portions. Along the way, they offer guests plenty of opportunities to experience the Sardinian culture and learn interesting tidbits of local lore and history from their guide.

11. Guided Tour to the Devil’s Saddle

Devil's SaddleSource: aliaksei kruhlenia / shutterstock
Devil’s Saddle

The Devil’s Saddle area of Sardinia stretches between Cape Carbonara and Cape Spartivento and features a unique mix of impressive natural and historical attractions, including fossil beds and archaeological sites.

This three-hour tour gets guests close to both. Thanks to a morning departure, it leaves the rest of the afternoon and evening open to other tours or free time.

Tours include hiking portions for those who’d like to reach scenic vista points in the limestone hills.

Multiple routes of varying degrees of difficulty are available, making it appropriate for those of most ages and levels of physical ability.

12. Quad Adventure Shore Excursion

QuadSource: Francesco Maltinti / shutterstock

For those who’ve just spent days stuffed into a small cabin on an overcrowded cruise ship, exhilarating outdoor activities are great ways to clear the cobwebs and stretch underused muscles.

This quad adventure shore excursion was designed with cruise visitors in mind. It includes pick-up from the Port of Cagliari and is customizable to accommodate different schedules.

After a short and scenic drive into the Sardinian Mountains, guests will get a briefing and all the safety equipment they’ll need before heading out.

Tour highlights include archaeological ruins, tranquil forests, amazing geological formations, and return transportation to the port.

13. Electric Bike Naturalistic Tour

Cagliari’s coastlineSource: A. Enrico / shutterstock
Cagliari’s coastline

E-bikes are great ways of covering a lot of ground quickly. Unlike their strictly mechanical brothers, they allow riders to use muscle power some of the time while benefiting from electrical assistance when the going gets tough.

Following the contours of Cagliari’s coastline from the port area, guests and their guide will set out to explore and take advantage of the abundant sights along the way, including stunning sea views, abundant parks, beautiful beaches, and secluded lagoons.

There will also be time to stop for a drink and light refreshments mid-tour.

Tours begin at 9:00 AM and last about four hours.

14. Professional Guided Coasteering Shore Excursion

Sardinian coastlineSource: Massimiliano Finzi / shutterstock
Sardinian coastline

Coasteering is a fun, exhilarating, and educational way to explore the rugged Sardinian coastline.

Tours begin in the port of Cagliari and consist of walking and hiking amidst the tidal areas that are characterized by exposed rocks, hidden pools, and tons of diverse wildlife.

Each tour includes an experienced and qualified instructor and all the safety gear you’ll need to make it an engaging and memorable experience.

It’s common to see a variety of unique and colorful marine life in the pools when the tide is out. Tours are appropriate for beginners and those of most ages and interests.

15. Trekking and Waterfall Swimming Half–Day Tour

Cannoneris Natural ParkSource: trattieritratti / shutterstock
Cannoneris Natural Park

For fit and rugged types who prefer exploration to sightseeing, Cagliari and the surrounding areas are full of options.

Though this tour doesn’t technically take place within Cagliari city limits, it’s a great option for those who are tired of the often crowded urban attractions for which the city is most well-known.

From Chia, guests will head to Cannoneris Natural Park by Jeep. They’ll take in natural wonders such as abundant wildlife species and one of Europe’s largest stands of holm-oaks.

After a four-mile hike to a secluded waterfall, it’ll be time to swim and relax for heading back.

15 Best Cagliari Tours:

  • 2 ½-Hour Segway Tour
  • Welcome to Cagliari Private Tour with a Local
  • Mountains and Sea Jeep and Dinghy Tour
  • Su Nuraxi Barumini and Giara Half-Day Tour
  • Cheese-Making Workshop and Tour of Argiolas Formaggi
  • Full-Day Private Wine Experience with Lunch
  • Traditional Ravioli Cooking Class
  • Canyoneering in Sardinia
  • 2-Hour Sightseeing Bike Tour
  • 5-Hour Shore Excursion City Tour
  • Guided Tour to the Devil's Saddle
  • Quad Adventure Shore Excursion
  • Electric Bike Naturalistic Tour
  • Professional Guided Coasteering Shore Excursion
  • Trekking and Waterfall Swimming Half–Day Tour