15 Best Belgrade Tours

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With nearly two million residents living within the greater metropolitan area, Belgrade is Serbia’s largest city and is home to almost a quarter of the country’s total population.

It’s also Serbia’s capital and is located in the north-central part of the country on a large tract of land near the junction of the Danube and Sava rivers.

Belgrade’s strategic placement has made it a hub of commerce and trade for centuries. It lies between continental Europe and the Balkans, making it an important gateway to the east.

Belgrade has abundant historical, cultural, and recreational attractions, and there are plenty of tour options for travelers who’d like to experience it with a local guide.

1. 8-hour Big Tour with Entrance Fees

Belgrade FortressSource: e2dan / shutterstock
Belgrade Fortress

For those working with limited vacation time, it’s often best to start things off with a full-day tour that includes many of the city’s most iconic attractions.

This eight-hour tour features stops at sites like the Belgrade Fortress, Avala Tower, Tito’s Museum, and the nearby town of Zemun.

Along the way, guests will benefit from their guide’s perspectives and historical insights, and tours include excursions to both sides of the river.

Also included are entrance fees at the aforementioned attractions, the services of a local guide, and door-to-door transportation by air-conditioned van or private car to and from your accommodations in Belgrade.

2. Underground and Dungeons of Belgrade Fortress Walking Tour

Roman Well, Belgrade FortressSource: serato / shutterstock
Roman Well, Belgrade Fortress

For lovers of military history, archaeology, and interesting tidbits of local lore, this underground and dungeons Belgrade Fortress tour would be a great fit.

Tours include aspects of both old and modern history and delve into a number of subterranean structures, some dating back to the Roman-era.

Guests will also stop at Cold War communist-era attractions and explore dreary underground dungeons that were used as prisons and torture chambers during the dark and tumultuous years of the medieval period.

Tours last about two hours, include a professional guide and get started late morning at a central Belgrade location.

3. Boat Cruise Sightseeing

Historic center of Belgrade on the banks of the Sava RiverSource: Pillip / shutterstock
Historic center of Belgrade on the banks of the Sava River

Belgrade’s riverside locale makes it perfect for sightseeing cruises.

Sitting at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, it’s dotted with islands and features stunning vistas of natural and humanmade attractions that are best seen from the water.

Tours last two hours, depart mid-afternoon, and include a number of the city’s most historically significant attractions, like Great War Island, the town of Zemun and its Millennium Tower, and the threatening Belgrade Fortress.

Guided river cruises are great options for photographers, those who’d rather not spend too much time on their feet, and families traveling with little ones.

4. Craft Beer Tour

Beer TastingSource: Irmelamela / shutterstock
Beer Tasting

Though Serbia isn’t as well-known in the beer world as countries like Germany, Holland, and Belgium, it has experienced a craft beer renaissance in recent years.

On this three-hour evening tour, guests will follow their guide’s lead and head to one of Belgrade’s oldest neighborhoods, where they’ll hit three pubs and sample some fantastic craft brews.

For those who’ve just arrived in town, it’s a great way to get your bearings, meet likeminded locals, and other international travelers, and sample some of the best beer the city has to offer in the process.

Don’t be shy about asking for tips and suggestions for things to see and do when the tour is over.

5. Red Belgrade Communist Tour

The Museum of Yugoslavia in BelgradeSource: Mirko Kuzmanovic / shutterstock
The Museum of Yugoslavia in Belgrade

Socialist dictators and communism, in general, tend to get a bad rap, and for much of the 20th century, Serbia was firmly ensconced behind the so-called Iron Curtain.

Guests will meet their guide at Republic Square, which is where Tito gave a powerful speech trumpeting the birth of the socialist republic that would last from just after World War II until the ‘90s.

Tours also visit Terazije Square and Pioneer’s Park and touch on history and culture, as well as elements of conspiracy and intriguing tidbits of local lore that add an air of mystery and intrigue that most guests find alluring.

6. 2-Hour Nikola Tesla Tour including St. Sava Temple

St. Sava Temple in BelgradeSource: trabantos / shutterstock
St. Sava Temple in Belgrade

Nikola Tesla is one of the most fascinating figures in contemporary science. Though he spent much of his life in the United States, Belgrade is his final resting place.

After a brief orientation with their guide, guests will explore the St. Sava Temple, which is one of the largest Orthodox temple complexes in the world.

Participants will benefit from their guide’s historical and cultural insights and appreciate the temple’s magnificent architecture before embarking on a tour of a museum dedicated entirely to the life of Nikola Tesla.

Tours are available in five languages and begin mid-morning, making them a good fit for late sleepers.

7. Belgrade Panoramic City Tour by Minibus

Kalemegdan ParkSource: miamia / shutterstock
Kalemegdan Park

According to historians, the ground on which the city of Belgrade now resides was originally settled more than 2,000 years ago.

Despite that impressive lineage, Belgrade is now a modern European city with a variety of worthwhile attractions of interest for visitors of all stripes.

This city tour by minibus whisks interested guests to premier sites like Kalemegdan Park, St. Sava Church, Belgrade Fortress, and the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, which was built in the early years of the 19th century.

Tours last three hours, depart mid-morning from an easy to reach central location and include the services of a live local guide.

8. Football History Tour

Rajko Mitic StadiumSource: milorad milankovic / shutterstock
Rajko Mitic Stadium

During the ‘80s and ‘90s, Serbian football reached a true pinnacle when the Belgrade Red Stars consistently beat high-profile teams from the continent like Real Madrid and Liverpool.

After rendezvousing with their guide at a central location, sports fanatics will set out on a three-hour tour to explore several neighborhoods that were once ground zero for the football craze that swept the country in decades past.

Tours are as much about culture as they are the beloved sport, and a visit to iconic Rajko Mitic Stadium is the crowning highlight that gives participants a true feel for the epic era.

9. Belgrade Sunset Sightseeing Cruise with Welcome Drink

Belgrade Sunset CruiseSource: Devteev / shutterstock
Belgrade Sunset Cruise

Rumor has it that the sunsets in Belgrade are nothing short of breathtaking. There’s no better way to enjoy one in all its splendor than from the deck of a gently rocking boat with a cool drink in your hand.

If that sounds like a great way to end a long day on your feet, then signing up for this sightseeing excursion by boat would be a wise choice.

Cruises are limited to just ten guests, which means a more intimate and memorable experience for those who’d rather not fight big crowds.

Along the way, guests will see many of the city’s premier attractions. On the return trip, the city will be awash with lights, making for a particularly photogenic view.

10. 5-Hour Small-Group Food Tour with Local Guide

Market in Belgrade with Typical Serbian FoodSource: Omri Eliyahu / shutterstock
Market in Belgrade with Typical Serbian Food

Before departing from Republic Square to explore the city, guests and their guide will get to know one another over a cup of potent Belgrade coffee in a trendy but relaxed café.

This five-hour tour is all about food and gives participants the chance to experience numerous neighborhoods, markets, and restaurants, and sample an array of local fare like cheese and pastry.

The Dorćol quarter is one of the city’s culinary epicenters. In addition to learning about the residents’ history and culture, guests will enjoy an epic multi-course lunch prepared by a chef using traditional and contemporary ingredients and techniques.

11. Dinner and Folklore Night in Belgrade

Serbian Folklore DanceSource: krsmanovic / shutterstock
Serbian Folklore Dance

For true cultural immersion, it’s hard to beat evening dinner tours, because they combine elements of cuisine, music, customs, and folklore into one convenient and reasonably inexpensive package.

This two-hour option is held in a popular Belgrade restaurant and includes the services of a local English-speaking guide.

Dinner includes an impressive variety of Serbian favorites, and while guests are dining, they’ll enjoy traditional music.

When the meal is over, it’ll be time to sit back and enjoy a folk dancing presentation put on by locals intent on preserving the area’s rich heritage.

Everything is included except drinks and gratuities.

12. Full-Day Tour with Lunch & Underground Admission

Interior of the Saint Sava cathedral in BelgradeSource: Savvapanf Photo / shutterstock
Interior of the Saint Sava cathedral in Belgrade

Over the years, what’s now the city of Belgrade has been invaded and inhabited by a variety of outsiders, including Celts, Germans, Romans, and Turks.

It’s these varied nationalities and ethnicities that make the city such a unique mix of cultures and traditions. This full-day tour goes a long way toward shedding light on many of them.

The Cathedral of St. Sava is one of the largest Orthodox churches of its kind in the region and is among Belgrade’s most noteworthy attractions.

Tours also include exploration of the network of underground tunnels that work their way in and around Belgrade Fortress. The cost of admission is already included in the price, as are lunch and a complimentary gift.

13. Mash-Up City Walking Tour with Local Guide

Republic Square in BelgradeSource: Nenad Nedomacki / shutterstock
Republic Square in Belgrade

Mash-up tours are great options for visitors who prefer not to focus all of their attention on one particular aspect of the city they’re exploring.

On this mash-up walking tour, guests will set out on foot to explore a number of city districts. Along the way, they’ll learn about the area’s history, traditions, and cuisine.

Tour highlights include the Belgrade Library, the Academy of Science of Art, Republic Square, and a green market where vendors sell everything from honey and cheese to cured meat and fresh produce.

Tours include ample time for photographs, questions, stopping for a quick bite or cup of coffee, and interacting with locals.

14. 4-Hour Serbian History Walking Tour

Military Museum in BelgradeSource: Lazaros Papandreou / shutterstock
Military Museum in Belgrade

For more than two millennia, Belgrade has been the epicenter for various cultural collisions that have left indelible traces on the city and its people.

Now, the capital is among the most modern cities in the region, but it’s full of historical attractions that are easy to see in a relatively short time for those who don’t mind exploring on foot.

This four-hour walking tour focuses on history, culture, geography, and politics, and includes insights from a local guide that aren’t generally voiced on more mainstream tours.

Tours meet at a convenient central location and cover about 2 ½ miles.

15. Tara National Park and Drina River Valley Tour from Belgrade

Tara National Park and Drina River ValleySource: OgnjenO / shutterstock
Tara National Park and Drina River Valley

Tara National Park and the Drina River Valley are two of the country’s most amazing natural attractions. This full-day tour from Belgrade is a great way to experience them both together.

In addition to natural splendor, the area has its fair share of historic attractions, like the Raca Monastery and the isolated ‘House of Rock’ in the middle of the river, that was originally made famous in a National Geographic photograph years ago.

At between 11 and 12 hours, tours make for a long day, but pretty much everything is included except meals, tips, and personal expenses.

15 Best Belgrade Tours:

  • 8-hour Big Tour with Entrance Fees
  • Underground and Dungeons of Belgrade Fortress Walking Tour
  • Boat Cruise Sightseeing
  • Craft Beer Tour
  • Red Belgrade Communist Tour
  • 2-Hour Nikola Tesla Tour including St. Sava Temple
  • Belgrade Panoramic City Tour by Minibus
  • Football History Tour
  • Belgrade Sunset Sightseeing Cruise with Welcome Drink
  • 5-Hour Small-Group Food Tour with Local Guide
  • Dinner and Folklore Night in Belgrade
  • Full-Day Tour with Lunch & Underground Admission
  • Mash-Up City Walking Tour with Local Guide
  • 4-Hour Serbian History Walking Tour
  • Tara National Park and Drina River Valley Tour from Belgrade