15 Best Beaches in France

It’s a difficult task, but we’ve tried to curate the best beaches in France.

Included below are coves so hidden that many people don’t know they’re there, as well as beaches so vast you can’t see the sea when the tide goes out.

Many shine for their architecture, and have grand promenades where Victorian aristocrats would come for a dose of sea air, or just a sleepy village with brightly-painted fishing cottages.

Some are so remote that you have to go on a quest through wilderness to get to them , while others are Blue Flag destinations with everything under the sun for a fun-packed or relaxing afternoon with the family.

1. Plage de Saleccia, Corse-du-Nord

Plage de Saleccia

Source: flickr

Plage de Saleccia

There’s no easy way of getting to Saleccia, a piece of paradise on the north coast of Corsica.

It’s probably easiest if you have your own yacht, but the rest of us have to either catch an overpriced ferry from the harbour at Saint-Florent or a 4×4 transfer from the village of Casta almost an hour to the south.

Everyone who makes the trip agrees that it was worth it: There’s a gentle arc of pure white sand, with juniper-covered dunes and the dark outline of the mountains of Cap Corse in the distance.

The sea is perfect; it’s shallow, crystal clear and a shade of blue that you can only seem to find of find on Corsica.

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15 Best Beaches in France:

Grande Plage de Saint-Jean-de-Luz