12 Best Places to Visit in Worcestershire (England)

2. Malvern

Great Malvern

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Great Malvern

A spa resort for the upper crust in the 1800s, Malvern is now an endearing assortment of connected villages around a historic centre known as Great Malvern.

Generations of visitors have descended on this location for the spring waters and to hike the Malvern Hills, an extremely ancient igneous formation.

Cresting high above Great Malvern is Worcestershire Beacon, 425 metres up and a signalling point at momentous occasions in England’s past, such as during the Spanish Armada in 1588. On the hill’s lower reaches is Great Malvern Priory, established in the 1000s but with most of its work done in the 1400s.

Go in to admire the carved misericords in the choir, the abundance of medieval floor and wall tiles and the many original 15th-century stained glass windows.

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