12 Best Places to Visit in Shropshire (England)

Big in size and charm, but small in numbers, Shropshire is a hilly and rural county on the border with Wales. The settlements are old, often ancient, and always well cared-for. Ludlow and Shrewsbury are a delight, but you could point to anywhere on the map and find a picturesque village or market town close by.

In these once tempestuous borderlands  are more than 30 castles, surviving from medieval campaigns against the Welsh. Later, the first sparks of the Industrial Revolution ignited in Ironbridge Gorge where there are now ten superb museums about this world-changing chapter in British history.

Lets explore the best places to visit in Shropshire:

1. Ludlow

Stokesay Castle

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Stokesay Castle

A town of immense beauty, Ludlow has won constant acclaim for its architecture, food culture and enchanting street scenes.

Some 500 buildings in the town are listed, and almost all of these are either half-timbered or have the flat fronts that were in style in the 1700s.

Ludlow is a place made for milling around, not least because of its pavement cafes and markets six days a week.

And when it comes to history Ludlow delivers in a big way: Stokesay Castle may well be the most complete medieval manor house in the country, while Ludlow Castle is a substantial ruin that’s a symbol of might for the Yorkist kings in the 15th century during the Wars of the Roses.

Antiquarians can lose themselves in the drama that unfolded within these walls 500 years ago.

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12 Best Places to Visit in Shropshire (England):