12 Best Places to Visit in Northumberland

2. Berwick-upon-Tweed


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England’s northernmost town is a couple of miles short of the Scottish border at the mouth of the Tweed.

You’re left in no doubt that this community has been wrested from both English and Scottish grasp down the centuries.

When Richard I captured Berwick from the Scots in the 1300s he built the town walls, which were adapted to withstand artillery in the 1500s during Elizabeth I’s reign.

Most of these defences are still here, which is very rare for English towns.

There’s much more to see, from the three sandy beaches to the Tweed Estuary, crossed by Stevenson’s imposing Royal Border Railway Bridge.

The Berwick Barracks date to the early-1700s, at the time of the Jacobite risings and have enthralling exhibits about the last conflict fought on British soil.

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