10 Best Places to Visit in Warwickshire (England)

In the West Midlands, the rural county of Warwickshire skirts around the Birmingham and Coventry conurbation to form a big hook of thinly populated countryside.

This is a place of castles, medieval towns and marvellous country estates.

Warwickshire has given us one of history’s most revered wordsmiths and playwrights, William Shakespeare, and his birthplace Stratford-upon-Avon is rightly a hotspot.

But you mustn’t rule out Warwick for its astonishing castle, or Leamington Spa for its elegant Regency townscape.

And if you’re a really committed tourist you can stay for a few days until you’ve seen every grand manor house and adorable town. Trust us, it could take a while!

Lets explore the best places to visit in Warwickshire:

1. Stratford-upon-Avon


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Even four hundred years after his death, William Shakespeare is still the dominant personality in Stratford.

Many houses look almost exactly as they would have done when he was growing up in this town.

You can pay homage at Shakespeare’s birthplace and drop by the home of his wife, Anne Hathaway, both weathered timber-framed buildings.

And if that isn’t enough you can even see Mary Arden’s farm, the home of Shakespeare’s mother, and Hall’s Croft, where his daughter Susanna lived.

The presence of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre makes Stratford one of England’s cultural Meccas, a destination to watch first-rate productions of Shakespeare’s many works.

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10 Best Places to Visit in Warwickshire (England):